MultiBank Group Company Celebration

2017-09-01 | news
On the eve of the Chinese National Holiday, MultiBank Group held a Chinese-style celebration for its Beijing office to celebrate its success over the last year and the hard work of all the employees who enabled that success.
Reinforcing MultiBank Group’s ethos of unity, integrity and continual growth and development, the team-building get-together saw employees from all departments come together for a festive dinner party.
The Head of International Marketing, Sophia Barnes, stated, “As an established, well-known brand in China, MultiBank Group takes great pride and undertakes great responsibility in its leadership role in the financial industry. But that responsibility should not be taken for granted. We must constantly strive to improve ourselves and better the service we offer our clients. This should be the mission of each and every employee here.”
As a multicultural, multilingual, multinational enterprise, MultiBank Group combines a stimulating work environment with a dynamic and professional team, inspiring ideas and innovations while encouraging close interpersonal relationships.
MultiBank Group received acclaim this year, featuring as the most admired company of 2017 in the business publication Insights Success Magazine. This came on the back of the Group’s successful listing of its MultiBank Index on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the launch of its MEX Wealth Management subsidiary regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.



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